Why Canada?

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Why Canada?

Let the Facts Speak!

Benefits of having a Canada Company

icon One of the lowest tax rates in the world
icon Simplified Tax Laws workable as Tax Free Operations.
icon Superior Banking and trade infrastructure
icon Minimal documentation.
icon Reputation as Trade hub of the West.
icon Modern Offshore legislation.
icon Double Taxation Agreements with most countries
icon Secure private information

Setting up your Company in Canada (for non-Canadian corporations)

    For non-Canadian corporations, registration is a bit complicated but achievable with our expertise and experience. Non-Canadian corporations will be required to do the following:
  • Complete and submit two original, signed copies of the "Application for Extra-Provincial Licence;
  • Appoint an agent for service;
  • Perform (and submit) an Canada name search report (called NUANS);
  • Provide original "Certificates of Status" issued by the corporation's home governments (and signed by a properly authorized official of that government).

  • The Certificate of Status must include:
    (a) the name of the corporation;
    (b) the date of incorporation or amalgamation;
    (c) the jurisdiction to which the corporation is incorporated in; and
    (d) a statement indicating that the corporation is a valid and subsisting corporation.

    If the government of the corporation's home jurisdiction will not issue an original Certificate of Status, then the corporation will be required to submit a legal opinion from a lawyer authorized to practise in that jurisdiction, which confirms all of this information.
    After an extra-provincial licence is obtained, the non-Canadian corporation holding the licence will be required to file an "Initial Return/Notice of Change" within 60 days after beginning to carry on business in Canada (much like a domestic, non-Canada corporation).

    If any of that information changes, the corporation must notify and update the Companies Branch within 15 days. Key changes could include changes to a corporation's name, changing a corporation's home jurisdiction, changing a corporation's agent for service, and/or changing a registered office address.
    If a non-Canadian corporation decides to stop carrying on business in Canada, the corporation must complete and submit a notice application to the Companies Branch.

Why we are the Best Choice for your Canada Company Formation and Administration?


We are staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in all the aspects of a corporation registraton in Canada.

Competitive pricing policy

Our completive pricing policy will be a good value to all clients and we will be happy to find the best solution which satisfies your needs.

Administrative and Compliance Services

We offer a full range of administrative and compliance services and are able to accommodate the specific needs of each individual client.

Tailored Solutions

Our ability to offer comprehensive and tailored solutions, along with timely and solid advice, make us a leader in our industry.

Maximum Level of Privacy

By virtue of our highly experienced team of experts, we help our clients to realize their financial objectives while retaining the maximum level of privacy.

Nominee Director and Shareholder Facilities

We can provide individual or corporate nominees to hold shares on behalf of individuals, companies or trusts in order to preserve confidentiality.

Setup Requirements - Extra-Provincial Registrations

Pursuant to the Extra-Provincial Corporations Act, if you would like to conduct business in any province or territory you must register extra-provincially in the province in which you will be doing business. The extra-provincial registration process varies per province in terms of the necessary steps to take as well as the fees that may apply.

In order to register the company in any of the provinces successfully, you need to order a NUANS name search report or provincial name search report (depending on specific requirement in each province) in order to determine the availability of the company name in that jurisdiction. Keep in mind though that it is possible that your corporation name may already exist in other provinces, unless federally incorporated.

Registering your business extra-provincially will allow you to carry on the following activities in the specific jurisdiction:

• Hire employees
• Have facilities or offices
• Open up bank accounts
If the extra-provincial registrations are domestic (within Canada), you are not required to file annual returns in the extra-provincial provinces, filing the annual return for your home province will suffice.

The filed extra-provincial registration(s) will also form part of the minute book you are required to maintain for your corporation.

Let us, THE FLOWER OF LIFE CO. LIMITED, help you conduct a name check, the constituting documents and additional forms in order to successfully register your company across Canada.

You can send us articles, declarations or other documents that you have already completed or need assistance completing and ask us to verify and file them on your behalf. We also offer name searches, minute books, legal accessories as part of the registration process.

Feature and Benefits

• Receive instantaneous receipt of registration upon successful filing with the corporate registries
• Receive assistance with name clearance
• Validate all data based on the applicable Extra-Provincial Corporations Act
• Verify all data to ensure compliance
• A one-stop shop for all components of the lifecycle: Entity Formation and beyond
• Predictable fixed cost for transactional and packaged solutions
• Offers a full-service supported solution to help with the formation of your company
• Receive updated organizational information
• Bundle with corporate legal supplies
• Ensure compliance beyond registration
• Process annual requirements via annual reminders


Incorporation services

THE FLOWER OF LIFE CO. LIMITED . helps in a quick and successful incorporation of your company in Canada.

Auditing services

We assist in getting your corporate entity audited and taxes filed in a proper manner. All ongoing tax filings and offshore exemptions can be handled by our team of experts.

Office Rentals

We offer solutions for office space. We can connect you with the right people that will be able to help you in finding you an office space for your needs.

Bank Account

One of the major challenge with an offshore company is opening of a bank account. We assist you in opening a bank account in multiple currencies.

Secretarial Services

Once the incorporation is done, we can advise you on your legal matter with the help of our legal team.

Visa Services

One of the most important issues for organisations is to obtain work visas for their staff members. We can help you with proper documentation for your work visa so that a hassle-free immigration is completed.

Are you looking for professional advice for your business or your industry?

Canada Extra-Provincial Corporation (EPC)

Our company offers registration of non-resident corporations and LLCs including offshore companies in Canada as Extra-Provincial Corporations.


Mandatory Services Basic Complete
Filing of Application for Extra-Provincial Licence YES YES
Filing of Appointment of Agent for Service Form YES YES
Canada Government Fee YES YES
NUANS Name Search Report YES YES
Agent for Service in Canada for one year YES YES
Monitoring and information support of the registration process YES YES
Canada Extra-Provincial Licence YES YES
Optional Services
Canada Corporate Seal YES (Available at extra fee) YES
FREE business consultations (phone and email) YES YES
Federal GST/HST registration YES NO
Filing of Initial Return with the Canada government (mandatory in 60 days from starting business in Canada) YES NO
Via email in PDF format YES YES
Express Courier Delivery YES YES

Additional Information

Upon Extra-Provincial Registration a non-Canadian company receives an Extra-Provincial Licence with a Corporation Number and a status of Canada Extra-Provincial Corporation. The licence gives rights to set up an office, open a bank account and conduct business in Canada and from Canada with all other countries overseas.

To be registered in Canada, each non-Canadian company must have an Agent for Service in Canada, who is a resident of Canada. Our packages include this service for the first year.

It's important to understand that Canadian extra-provincial registration does not create a separate Canadian legal entity. Therefore, a non-Canadian company registered as Extra-Provincial Corporation in Canada has no tax obligations in Canada, when the company conducts business outside of Canada.


  • Offshore and onshore companies from any jurisdiction may be registered in Canada and get status of Canada EPC
  • Status of Canada EPC enhances image of non-Canadian companies
  • No restrictions on the residency of directors, officers and shareholders of Canada EPC
  • Canada EPC is able to open a bank account and office and conduct its business in Canada
  • No tax obligations in Canada, when Canada EPC conducts business outside of Canada
  • No filing of the tax return is required, when Canada EPC conducts business outside of Canada
  • All Canada business expenses (advertisement, salaries, office lease, etc.) are deductible from the taxable income received in Canada
  • No annual meeting is required in Canada.


    Corporate income tax rate, which includes federal and provincial components, is 26.5%. Canada EPC is required to pay Canadian income tax on all income received in Canada. When the company conducts its business outside of Canada, it has no Canadian tax obligations as a non-Canadian legal entity.

    All business expenses including salaries paid to employees, directors fees paid to directors, contract payments paid to self-employed individuals, partnerships, LLCs and corporations, advertisement expenses, etc. are deductible from corporate taxable income.


    Canada EPC is required to file a corporate tax return in Canada every year, when it conducts business in Canada. The return must be filed in 6 months from the corporate fiscal year end. Income tax is payable in 2 months from the corporate fiscal year end.

    When Canada EPC does not conduct business in Canada, filing of the return is not required.

    Our company offers accounting services. As a result, our clients are able to comply with Canadian requirements, file their corporate income tax in time and keep their companies in good standing.


    Name of non-Canadian company must be available in Canada. Otherwise, the company cannot be registered in Canada and receive the status of Canada EPC.
    Restricted words are ones that may be considered to be misleading, and include, for example, "bank", "trust", "insurance", "trust", "stock exchange", etc.


    Canada Extra-Provincial registration usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for corporations and 1 to 3 days for limited liability companies.


    Each Canada EPC must have Agent for Service in Canada. This service is included in the annual fee payable from the second year.


    Our company scans letters received for your company and forward copies via email. We shred the originals unless you order to forward them to you via courier or registered mail for additional fees. If you expect more than 30 letters annually, please contact our company to receive a quotation.

    If you need a dedicated Canadian phone line with voice mail greeting of your company, we are able to provide it to you. To get a quotation, please contact our company.

    Virtual office services are available for our clients, who use our company as Agent for Service in Canada.

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